My design, "Harnessing Hundertwasser," was chosen for the Highland Park Winter Mosaic Project 2013.  Five artists' work is being displayed in frames along the HP Central Avenue business district January - May, 2013.  Each work is meant to honor the style and essence of a famous artist. My work is not a copy but is meant to capture not only his style but also the hope Hundertwasser yearned for in his work.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000) was an Austrian painter and architect whose style is reflected in bold colors, organic forms, a reconciliation of humans & nature, a strong individualism and rejection of straight lines.  He describes his work as hopeful ("color symbolizes hope") and wanted his images to point the Promised Land.  Hundertwasser and I are kindred spirits.


Highland Park Art Walk     June 2012

My whimsical mosaic planter will be displayed at The Style Shack on Central Avenue in Highland Park, IL during the month of June, 2012. 


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