As a self-taught artist for over 30 years, I have always relied on my deepest intuitions to lead me on my artistic journey.  The building, constructing and reassembling a variety of materials has always been a fascination for me.  My art has been about taking or breaking things apart and putting them back together in new ways.  After working as a fiber artist for 15 years, I traded in my sewing machine for a pair of tile nippers and have been creating mosaic art since 1995.   Tiles, plates, stone, glass and found objects are the building blocks of my pieces both 2 and 3 dimensional.   I create fine art mosaics for the home, commercial  and community setting including fine art pieces, murals, mirrors, floors, furniture, installations, musical instruments and garden pieces.

Since 2002, I have been teaching and facilitating mosaic art projects, classes and workshops with adults, children and non-profit groups and have developed a Mosaic Art Residency Program for Chicago Metro schools, public libraries and non-profit groups.  This lively, experiential program teaches children about the history, materials, tools and unique qualities of mosaic as a modern art form though the creation of large, permanent mosaic murals and individual projects.  The program enhances the Illinois Standards in Fine Arts for children of all skills levels including those with special needs. 

  I continue to strive to find new ways to bring the joy of creation to my community. 

2011            Adler Elementary School                                                              Libertyville, IL

                         "Learning Is A Journey" mosaic mural  4' x 9.5'

2010            McAuliffe Outdoor Learning Center                                              Chicago, IL                                                     “Charting  the Course of Our Lives”  Outdoor benches, sculpture     

 2010           Douglas Center for Developmentally Disabled Adults                     Skokie, IL

                        “Together We Can”  mosaic mural  8’ x 6.5’

 2010           Lyon School                                                                                       Glenview, IL 

                         “Your Life is Your Story”  mixed media mural   45” x 13’

 2010           Kildeer School                                                                              Long Grove, IL

    “DREAM” Mixed media mosaic mural 4’ x 13’   

 2009-10      Daystar School                                                                                  Chicago, IL

                         “The Crossroad”  MM mosaic  6.5’ x 14’   Artist designed and fabricated.

 2009          Evergreen Park Library                                                        Evergreen Park, IL

                         “READ”  Mosaic mural created by 4-9 grades as part of the summer

   Reading program, Let’s Be Creative!   

 2009          Elm Elementary School                                                                      Burr Ridge, IL

                         Mixed media mural    6’ x 12’  Burr Ridge, IL                               

 2009           Henking Elementary School                                                            Glenview, IL

                       “Learn-Live-Love” Mosaic Mural    40" x 14'

 2009          Edgebrook Elementary School                                                          Chicago, IL

                        “The Golden Rule,”     mosaic mural   40” x 14.5’ 

 2008          Monroe Elementary School                                                              Hinsdale, IL

                         “The only way to have a friend is to be one.”  Mixed media mural 6’ x 13’

 2008           Copeland Manor Elementary School                                            Libertyville, IL

                         Design inspired by a J.R.R. Tolkien quote:   “Still round the corner, there

                         May wait, a new road or secret gate.”  Mixed media mural  42” x 14’

 2007          McAuliffe Elementary School                                                              Chicago, IL

                        “EAT Healthy FoodsI”  Mosaic mural 9’ x 9’

 2007          Carpentar Elementary School                                                        Park Ridge, IL

                         Mosaic Mural  42’ x 16’.

 2007          Park View Elementary School                                                      Morton Grove, IL

                       Park View at Play” mosaic mural, 42” x 17’

2006           McAuliffe Elementary School                                                             Chicago, IL

                       “Reach for the Stars” mosaic school sign,

                        8’ x 8’ created by artist and 150, 3-5th grade students,

                        Funded by National-Lewis Univ. and Chicago Arts in Education.

2004-05       Beaubien Elementary School Centennial Mosaic Project            Chicago, IL

                       “The Joy of Learning”   7, 3’ x 12’ mosaic murals

                       designed/facilitated by artist using student drawings                     

 1999-2000   Historical Chicago and Its River, Mosaic Mural                           Chicago, IL

                        Artist Consultant, Assistant Teacher

                        5, 3’ x 4’  mosaic panels made of glass, ceramic and hand

                        made tiles show history of Chicago and its river life.

                        Northside College Prep High School, Chicago, IL



2007        Long Grove Art Festival - First Place 3D

2005       Long Grove Art Festival – Honorable Mention

 2004       Frankfort Festival of Crafts – Second Place/Fine Art

2004         Deerfield Festival of Fine Art – Honorable Mention

1997         Old Orchard Fine Art Fair – Honorable Mention

 1996         Excellence in Teaching “Art Smart” Program–Ebinger Elementary School, Chicago, IL


2007-2011      "Let Them Eat Chocolate"    Chicago, IL  Selected works  -  ongoing

2008      Elk Grove Art Centre Exhibition, Elk Grove Village, IL, October

2007         "Beyond the Surface:  Contemporary Mosaics"  St Xavier University, Chicago, IL

2005          Chicago Mosaic School, Faculty Exhibition, Chicago, IL


                        Mosaic Artists Organization -

                        Chicago Artist’s Coalition -

                         Member of SAMA – Society of American Mosaic Artists   04-07


Mosaic Art Yearbook  2008

              "Santorini, Greece" and "Caterpillar Table" featured pieces

"Eternal Dance"  featured on the cover of "Footlights" magazine (Theater Arts), Spring 2008

"Eternal Dance" featured on the cover of St. Xavier University Magazine, Fall 2008

Mosaic Art Yearbook,  2005, 06 07, 08, 10  E-Book on CD Rom

Daily Herald, April, 2006

         "Violins As Works of Art"

Groutline Magazine, Winter 2006

         (Society of American Mosaic Artists quarterly)

        "Beaubien Students Share the Joy of Mosaics"

NBC News, September, 2005

         Beaubien Centennial Mosaic Project,   interview with artist

         Marianne Ahern, reporter

Chicago Tribune,  Home and Garden Section, July, 2005    

        “Call Her the Cover Girl of Modern Mosaic”  (click to read)


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