Community Mosaic Projects



    The collaborative art experience is a great community builder that focuses on both educational and personal art enrichment.  Participants work together to create Mosaic Art that will have lasting and significant community impact. 

Environments are dynamically transformed - a mosaic art work brings color, life and meaning to any interior or exterior, people-centered space.

Project options for the Mosaic Project Residency Program include a mural, benches, columns, planters, garden embellishments and sculpture. 

 Schools, churches, libraries, camps, community groups, seniors, non-profit or special needs populations all can enjoy the unique hands-on experience of mosaic making.  Illinois Fine Art Standards are stressed throughout the process. The program includes a presentation about the history, materials, tools and techniques used in mosaic art and can be adapted to suit your community's needs.  Artist is available for solo mural commissions.

Contact me to discuss your vision.

"Working on the Copeland Manor 50th Anniversary Mosaic Mural was such a gratifying experience.   The enthusiasm and interest exceeded our expectations.... Chris Zonta is not only talented, but has a completely engaging  teaching style, communicating with the children in such a calm, patient and supportive way.   We all learned so much about mosaics and are  truly amazed at the outcome.       The mural makes our school's entryway absolutely shine! "   

               Beth McKenna, Copeland Elementary School Cultural Arts Coordinator


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